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TOA Biopharma Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1948. It celebrated its 70th anniversary of the founding in 2018. Over these years, Toa has successfully created a new market for probiotics as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical preparations that improve or restore beneficial bacteria flora in human.

I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the many people who have made our development thus far possible through their understanding and support. Our company is now embarking upon a new phase of development as the probiotic boom sweeps the globe.

Under the motto of "Contributing to human health and social development", we aim to become a corporation that is indispensable to society by flexibly adapting to changing times and returning to the corporate basics of "people", "things", and "money" in our human resources development.

Our employees are prepared to make even greater efforts, bearing in mind at all times our management philosophy of "Walking the right path," "Upholding the basics", and "Valuing our customers". We ask for your continued support in the months and years ahead.

President & CEO Tomohide Masuda

Corporate Profile

Corporate name

TOA Biopharma Co., Ltd.


January, 1948

Capital YEN70 million
Business activities Manufacture, sales and import/export of pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, animal drugs, animal feed and feed additives, probiotics, medical equipment, cosmetics and grooming goods, industrial chemicals, foodstuffs, and sundry goods
Head Office 2-1-11, Sasazuka, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0073, Japan
Factory and Laboratory 606, Kondo-cho, Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma Pref. 374-0042, Japan

Tatebayashi factory


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